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Part– II (Final)

Ancient Greek philosopher like Plato argued from design that there must be a designer. Let us first talk about the order and design from science perspective. Atheists believe in a “scientific” analysis of every claim and theological principle. So let us employ the same science to verify the correctness of the Atheist philosophy. In science, there is a vital law called thermodynamics.

Thermodynamic defines the fundamental physical quantities (temperature, energy, and entropy) and describes how these quantities behave under various circumstances. The entropy comes from a principle of thermodynamics dealing with energy. It usually refers to “the amount of disorder always increases with time and things progress naturally from order to disorder”.

In other word, entropy states “without a control or super power in any process, this process proceeds into disorder and chaos‟.

If we leave kids’ room without housekeeping and cleaning, the room becomes messy and untidy unless a housemaid takes actions. Similarly, if we leave any kitchen for one week, this kitchen turns into disorder and chaotic profile unless a housemaid takes actions. A hot cup of coffee will cools off with time.

The theories of the Big Bang and evolution propose the exact opposite which is resulted in perfection. The concept that the universe exploded and then developed in balanced perfection through random events and natural selection is against the well-known science law i.e. entropy. In addition, it is little diverse from the idea that, by dropping millions bombs in a desert, one of these bombs will generate a perfect Mercedes Benz car!

This universe is a huge complex mathematical equation and it indicates great complexity and perfect design. The life displays an amazingly complex level of interdependency which logically leads to the conclusion that it was planned in such intelligent way. Let us examine our giant surroundings, our solar system and the planet Earth are finely-tuned to allow life to exist. Everything kept in perfect balance so the universe hangs together and all living-creations can live in it!

When we reflect upon the nature of our world, we see order everywhere from the water cycle to the movement of the earth around the sun. Undoubtedly, it is more reasonable to conclude that the Big Bang and evolution were controlled events and no more validity to be the product of random chance. Plus, the Big Bang theory has no pure explanation for: why this universe is resulted in finely-tuned order to allow life to exist. Why this universe was not resulted in just a plain order regardless of it is suitable for life or not...!

Many examples showing perfect design, here are a few. These examples are cited from Mr. Sue Bohlin’s article: Our Earth, for instance, is perfectly designed for life. It's the "just right” size for the atmosphere we need. Its size and corresponding gravity hold a thin, but not too thin, layer of gases to protect us and allow us to breathe. If our planet were smaller it couldn't support an atmosphere, like on Mercury. If it were larger, like Jupiter, the atmosphere would contain free hydrogen, which is poison for us. Earth is the only planet we know of that contains an atmosphere that can support human, animal, and plant life. The Earth is also placed at a "just right" distance from the sun and the other planets in our solar system. If we were closer to the sun, we'd burn up. If we were farther away, we'd freeze. Because Earth's orbit is nearly circular, this slightly elliptical shape means that we enjoy a quite narrow range of temperatures, which is important to life. The speed of Earth’s rotation on its axis, completing one turn every 24 hours, means that the sun warms the planet evenly. Compare our world to the moon, where there are incredible temperature variations because it lacks sufficient atmosphere or water to retain or deflect the sun's energy.

Water itself is an important part of a "just right" world. Plants, animals and human beings are mostly made of water, and we need it to live. One of the things that makes Earth unique is the abundance of water in a liquid state. Water has surface tension. This means that water can move upward, against gravity, to bring liquid nutrients to the tops of the tallest plants. Everything else in the world freezes from the bottom up, but water freezes from the top down. Everything else contracts when it freezes, but water expands. This means that in winter, ponds and rivers and lakes can freeze at the surface, but allow fish and other marine creatures to live down below. The fact that we live on a "just right" planet in a "just right" universe is evidence that it all was created by a loving God.

Now when we see the order in the universe, isn't it rational to say that this universe has an organizer? When we look at the complexity of the universe; is it possible to say this happened by chance? So it would be rational to believe that this complex universe is a signature of the Creator. In another analogy, this ‘Creator’ is best explained by the existence of God.

God is the perfect being. As He is most perfect, He must have all perfections. As He is perfect He must exist. God not only created our universe, but sustains it today. God said in his Holy Book:

أَلَمۡ نَجۡعَلِ ٱلۡأَرۡضَ مِهَٰدٗا(6) وَٱلۡجِبَالَ أَوۡتَادٗا(7) وَخَلَقۡنَٰكُمۡ أَزۡوَٰجٗا(8) وَجَعَلۡنَا نَوۡمَكُمۡ سُبَاتٗا(9) وَجَعَلۡنَا ٱلَّيۡلَ لِبَاسٗا(10) وَجَعَلۡنَا ٱلنَّهَارَ مَعَاشٗا(11) وَبَنَيۡنَا فَوۡقَكُمۡ سَبۡعٗا شِدَادٗا(12) وَجَعَلۡنَا سِرَاجٗا وَهَّاجٗا(13) وَأَنزَلۡنَا مِنَ ٱلۡمُعۡصِرَٰتِ مَآءٗ ثَجَّاجٗا(14) لِّنُخۡرِجَ بِهِۦ حَبّٗا وَنَبَاتٗا(15) وَجَنَّٰتٍ أَلۡفَافًا(16)

“Did We not make the earth a floor, and the mountains bulwarks? And We have created you in pairs, and made your sleep a source of rest, and made the night a covering, and made the day a source of livelihood. And We have built seven strong (skies), And We have sent down abundant water from the rain-laden clouds, so that We bring out therewith grain and vegetation, and thick gardens.” (an-Nabaa 78:6-16)

People through the history established laws and regulations which are designed to maintain social order, protect the rights, ensure availability of justice and punish people who commit crimes. However, the history has lots of pain, unfair and oppression. We obviously observed many cases where the oppressors and the oppressed ones, the sinners and the noble ones were not reckoned justly and fairly. Certain crimes and evils were not adequately punished in this world because the criminals somehow escaped or due to the corruption of judge. Lots of punishments and recognitions did not occur in this world. Countless of criminals were not fully punished and countless of trustworthy-people were not recognized fairly. Is it logical that these criminals and sinners will be just buried forever in the cemetery without any accountability?

History shows that any form of not-realization the existence of the God resulted in the corruption and immorality of the people. The experience of history proves that denial of the reality of the God’s existence and denial of the second life is fatal to mankind. As a result, chaos, corruption and disorder in the society will be expected. If there is no second life, our ends will be same, in that we just pass out of existence, what meaning does that give our lives? If there is no God, there is no value for morality and our lives do not have any ultimate meaning and significance purpose. If there is no God, everything is permitted.” Indeed, everything is permissible if God does not exist.

The rationale approach is like this: this life is a test and the ultimate justice for punishments and rewards will be established by God in the next life, the Aakhirah (Hereafter). The full justice is that a complete record of all actions and deeds is maintained so that even what forgotten should not be missed. This belief will function as alarm bells, as warnings to anyone who is going to commit sin or mistake. It also encourages people to come to their senses and to change direction to better way. Believing in the existence of God reminds us that good and evil are the two pans of the balance in which our deeds will be weighed, and no moral corruption will go unpunished.

In brief, there is a God, All knowing, The Wise Being, The Fair Being, absolutely independent and far above any partiality. In the second life, everyone has to be reckoned according to the performance of his / her deeds in this world.

God sent messengers to guide mankind to the straight path and spread God’s message of compassion and mercy, as well as to call mankind to worship God alone. God’s Prophets were supported with miracles to authenticate God’s message and to confirm that this person (the messenger) was sent from God. Ultimately, miracles served to prove God’s existence and oneness.

A miracle is defined as an extraordinary event that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is attributed to a supernatural cause (God). This miracle usually happened on the hands of the prophets. For example: Prophet Jesus cured the blind and the leper, and gave life to the dead by the permission of God.

Prophet Moses had a staff (stick) which was used to produce water from a rock, and this stick was transformed into a snake by the permission of God.

Prophet Muhammad (SallAllaho Alaihe WaSallam) was given the Holy Quraan as an everlasting miracle. The Holy Quraan, which has been revealed in Arabic language, is a miracle of wisdom and it is a complete true revelation. It is a miracle of purity of style and unique pattern. Despite of the Arabs’ proficiency in Arabic language eloquence, poetry and rhetoric, they were unable to come up with a single Aayah (Verse) which is similar to a single verse in the Holy Quraan. The Holy Quran is still preserved from perversion and remains unchallenged until the Day of Resurrection.

Such actions (miracles) clearly are attributed to a supernatural being, and they are signs attesting to the truth which is the existence of God and the validity of God’s religion.

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