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These are few points taken from a letter written by Shaikh Sa’eed Ahmad Khan of Madinah al Munawwarah. He was one of the elders of Tableeghi Jamaa’at.

The movement of Tableegh is structured upon very delicate principles. Instituting them is very simple for those who aspire for their own spiritual reformation and very difficult indeed for those who are obsessed with the reformation of others only.

The principles in question are:
1) Don’t ever lose your temper on any member of the Shoora (Consultative Body) even though their Mashwarah (Opinion or suggestion) is unpalatable.

2) We should not decline to proceed to the place decided upon by the Shoora or the Ameer (Head). However, one should lay bare his condition before the Ameer and the Shoora.

3) Don’t become angry with your wife, your parents or your brothers. Always act with patience and perseverance.

4) Always regard your endeavors and sacrifices as minimal. Don’t ever consider them great. Don’t even allow the thought to come to mind that you have spent part of your wealth and life in the path of Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa).

5) Develop love for the Ulamaa (the People of Knowledge) and the Mashaaikh (the People of Zikr) whether they are actively involved in work of Tableeghi Jamaa’at or not or whether they are in favor of it or against it. Meet them with humility and visit them on a regular basis requesting their Du’aas.

6) Don’t ever compare the work of Tableegh with ‘Ilm and Zikr. Rate all three of them as necessary. Nonetheless there is no other activity but Da’wah to disseminate ‘Ilm and Zikr amongst those people in the entire Ummah (who have not a slight inclination towards Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa), His Prophet (SallAllaho Alaihe WaSallam)and his Religion). This is why Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) sent the Ambiyaa (Prophets) as Da’ees.

8) Try to make Du’aa unto Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) with sorrow and humility.

9) Don’t despise anyone no matter how illiterate or poor he maybe. Don’t give preference to the rich over the poor. As a matter of fact, treat the poor with a degree of cheerfulness.

10) Don’t refrain from extending the work of Da’wah to Muslims hailing from every walk of life and to members of the diverse sects.

11) Always keep in close contact with people working with you and ensure that they are in close contact with you as well. Just as it is important to be united with others it is more important to bring about unity within one’s own folk.

12) Owing to certain circumstances there could be a slight variation in the techniques employed at various places. This should not provoke the workers of one area to raise objections against the workers of another area as this would fail to bring about their own Islaah (Spiritual Reformation) as well as the Islaah of others. In fact such inclinations of objecting to others may engender antagonistic and retaliatory sentiments. This in turn, would give rise to pride and self conceitedness. Consequently, one gets trapped in the words and configuration of Da’wah, totally deprived of its reality.

13) Upon reaching another area, first consult the old workers of that area and then commence the work.

14) If discrepancies do occur on any issue with inhabitants of another area and such discrepancies fail to be solved by the Mashwarah, refer the matter to responsible among the seniors. However, live with mutual love and affection and don’t become angry with each other not vilify each other.

15) The most excellent person is he who keeps allied to him by employing outstanding character and tact in realizing this end.

16) The second most excellent person is he who maintains unity and keeps close contact with all. Both these things (at number 15 and 16) can be achieved by he who is humble. (Maktoobaat-e-Sa’eed — 2 April 1986)

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