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Every 2nd October is commemorated as the Day Against Violence.

One of the interesting issues that is discussed endlessly is the violence against women, including sexual violence. Take the recent occurrence of rape in public transportation in Indonesia as an example.

From there, a debate emerged: “Is it the women or men who are wrong?” The men generally say this: “Seeing the arousing Awrah (nakedness), yes there has to be lust obviously. We’re normal men. Like the cats, you offer them fish, will they refuse?” Then the women with a fierce defense would say: “You dirty brain! Can’t even see a sexy body, you got turned on right away. Fix your brain, don’t tell us how to dress.”

Thus, it is no surprise when Fauzi Bowo’s (the DKI’s Governor) criticism on the miniskirts harvested a controversy. As if challenging, with their miniskirts, the pro-freedom women protested against Fauzi Bowo. “Do Not Blame Our Dress, Punish The Rapist”, “My Body Is Not Porno, What’s Porno Is Your Brain”, “Do Not Blame Our Dress, Blame The Rapist”. Such were their protests.

The activist of Women Rejecting Rape, Tunggal Pawestri said, the rape is not due to miniskirts, but more because of the minimal security guarantees provided by the government to the society. “Besides that, the sentence for the perpetrators of rape does not pose a deterrent effect” she said.

The Commissioner of the National Anti-violence Commission against Women, Neng Dara Affiah was no less argumentative, rape occurs because of the wrong viewing aspect, not because the way the victim dresses. “The statement was a part of verbal violence against women,” said Neng, while assessing that the statement should not have been uttered by a public official.

Dirty Brain Vs Awrah
Finding the source of rape, is like asking : “Which emerged first, the egg or the chicken?” But it’s very easy to answer. Remember, sexual relations — with or without violence — happens between males and females. Therefore, they both have the same contribution, be it directly or not.

If men are blamed for sexual violence, it is an undeniable fact. A rapist is a perverted man, with weak or no Iman, who doesn’t fear The Creator, only wanting a moment’s pleasure, who does not value women and is not afraid of Jahannum (Hell). Therefore, if we do not want the men in this world to be rapists, let alone if he is Muslim, fix their Iman, their thought patterns.

Give them the understanding on the rulings of the actions and the Halaal-Haraam. InshaaAllah, when Iman becomes the foundation of every action, even when a lust-evoking view was offered in front of him, his private part will be guarded. He will only fulfill his desire with the woman who is Halaal for him. Exactly like the story of Prophet Yousuf, who was not tempted by the seduction of Zulaikha.

On the other hand, if women are accused as the trigger of sexual lust, they should be doing introspection. That is the natural fact. Women need to understand that almost all parts of the body have the sex appeal for the opposite sex.

There are men who drool by seeing the calf alone, let alone the upper leg. There are men whose sexual lust is aroused just by looking at the neck alone, let alone below the neck. It is no surprise when there is a saying, “How couldn’t the rape rate get higher, if the ladies skirts are also getting higher?”

Perhaps, the women would snap again, “There are those who already covered their Awrah, but they are still raped?” That happened, because lust does not appear at a moment’s notice by the arousal from seeing the victim. The rapist, may previously have been aroused by another female’s Awrah, seeing pornographic pictures, watching blue film, erotic dance, etc.

Meaning, the female who uncover their awrah, without them knowing, have “opened up” the opportunities for Shaitaan (Satan) to excite the rapists, to the point of becoming a threat to other women who had protected themselves by covering their Awrah.

So, once again, the beauty of the female body surely triggers the male sexual lust. No need to be angry, because it’s a fact. In fact, she has been created by Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) and made her a “test” as well. Therefore, the proposal that women should guard their Awrah, an indecent clothing could be arousing, is only reasonable.

In fact, it should even be an obligation, especially for the Muslimah. That’s the reason Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) “have to” make the rules in matters of apparels, which in the scale of secularism is considered as an intervention on human (women) rights.

Those rules would be a guarantee of security for women and also men so that their sexual lust does not arise illicitly — if applied in the scale of a system. Meaning, the role of the State to “regulate” appearance is certainly needed. Don’t think of this as a trivial matter. This is one form of security guarantees given by the government to the society.

Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) says:
“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves (part) of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused.” (Al Ahzaab 33:59)

So, why be angry when the miniskirts are criticized? Didn’t you say you want security, how come when regulated to be secure, you refuse?

Arab Vs Shari’ah
The rampant sexual violence, that causes the increase in female victims, is not separated from the application of secular ideologies, which separates religion from life. In this paradigm, individual freedom should take precedence. These freedoms are even growing very wildly, especially in matters of how to dress.

In the secular philosophy, good clothes are the ones capable of beautifying or making a person handsome. Due to that, the clothing must be able to highlight the advantages of the wearer’s body. Women (as well as men) are free to appear to meet all their imaginations. Short skirts, tanks, leggings, hot pants, transparent gowns, bikinis or anything worn in public places cannot be banned. To the extent that there are even dresses that reveal not conceal the body parts. Na’oozubillahi min zaalik.

See, this freedom in the way to dress then gives rise to sexual lust everywhere. If the lust needs fulfillment, they are then free to vent it to anyone. This is the root cause of the emergence of rape. Women’s freedom on the one hand, should be paid costly with the falling of other women – including children — as rape victims. Ironically, rapists are not punished severely, thus they are not deterred.

Due to that, as long as the system is secular, it is difficult to eliminate or even reduce the number of rapes. It is difficult to guard the female Awrah. It is difficult to prevent the venting of the wild sexual lust. It is difficult to provide assurance to women in particular, and the society in general.

Due to that, there is no other way except to apply the ideology of Islam in all aspects of life under the Divinely prescribed rule of Shari’ah. There may be people who snap: “In the Arab world itself, there are a lot of rapes.” The answer: The Arab world is not an Islamic State. The Arab world is not fully under the rule of Shari’ah. The Arab world is not the representation of the application of Islamic Shari’ah in full. Moreover, we should look at the data, how high is the rates of rape, there? Is it any number higher than America for example, or even Indonesia? It is clear: there is no reason to not apply the Islamic Shari’ah. This is the only rule that is able to protect the society. It has already been assured by Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) in His verse:

“Is it the judgment of Jahiliyyah (the pre-Islamic time of ignorance) they desire? But who is better than Allah in judgment for a people who are certain (in faith)?” (al-Maaidah 5:50)


Br. Arif

A clear writing emblazoned on a piece of cardboard held by a woman among the crowd of women protesters that day reads, “It is not our skirts that are mini, but it’s your brains that are mini.” Another writing, carried by another woman reads, “Mini skirts are not porno, what’s porno is your brain.”

There were several other writings in similar tone carried by other women protesters who, on that day, were mostly wearing short skirts and sexy dresses. All of those were a form of protest addressed to an official in Jakarta. The reason being, that official earlier remarked with sarcasm on the women who love to dress sexily in public places, including on public transport vehicles. The core of the message from the sarcastic remark of the official was that, miniskirts have the potential to become one of the factors that invites the occurrence of sexual harassment (read: rape) that happened to a number of women which lately is rife.

Dear readers, as a Muslim, what’s on your mind concerning the doings of the ‘daring’ women who dress sexily? The answer surely depends on the perception and standards you use to assess.

Regarding this matter, it is interesting to reflect on the statement of Khalil bin Ahmad al-Bisri cited by Imam al-Ghazali in one of his masterpieces, Ihyaa ul ’Uloom ad-Din (I/46), also in At-Tibr al-Masbook fi Naseehah al-Mulook (I/44) (See also: Ar-Razi, Mafateeh al-Ghayb, I/463; as-Samarqandi, Bahr ul-’Uloom, I/395). It was mentioned by Khalil bin Ahmad al-Bisri, that there are four types of people in this world.

First: Rajul[un] la yadri wala yadri annahu la yadri (Someone who does not know and he does not know that he does not know). This is the kind of people who are ignorant in religion, but they are not aware of their folly. As a result, they are often being a smart ass. Due to being a smart ass (in reality are stupid), they often refuse the truth, although it is clearly confirmed in the Quraan or in Sunnah. For example, with regards to the commands for women to cover their “Awrah” strictly: wear a veil (an-Noor 24:31) and be covered when outdoors (al-Ahzaab 33:59), it is explicitly expressed in the Quraan. However, there are still a lot of Muslim women, when told about this obligation, reject it, in fact with a very strong rejection. The women demonstrators above can of course be categorized into this first group people. The term ’mini brain’ is certainly more suitable to be addressed to themselves. Another example is the rejectors of Shari’ah; the adorers of Western-style democracy; the practitioner of secularism, liberalism, pluralism, feminism, and other deviated ideas.

Second: Rajul[un] la yadri wa yadri annahu la yadri (Someone who does not know and he knows that he does not know). This is the kind of people who are a layman in religious matters, but they are especially aware of their lack of knowledge. Due to that, they always seek to increase their knowledge and insights. They diligently attend Majaalis of ‘Ilm (gathering of knowledge), read a lot of books, ask pious Ulamaa who know Deen (Religion) and certainly they would never be allergic to anyone who conveys the truth to them. People of this kind belong to the group consisting of the seekers of knowledge, who have a thirst for knowledge where ever it comes from. They never reject the truth even if it comes from the Quraan and Sunnah.

Third: Rajul[un] yadri wala yadri annahu yadri (Someone who knows but he does not know that he knows). People of this kind are knowledgeable or having a lot of religious knowledge. They may be the common Muslims attending the gatherings o Ulamaa, Soofiyaa, or Muballigheen, etc. However, their knowledge and expertise are not reflected in their behaviors and actions, for whatever reasons. Many of them know that implementing the Islamic Shari’ah in its totality in life is Wajib, but they are reluctant to endeavor for it (except at the personal level).

Actually, it includes people whose religious knowledge is average. For example, every Muslim / Muslimah should understand that praying fives time a day, fasting in Ramadhaan, seeking knowledge, covering the Awrah (wearing veils and jilbab for women), doing Da’wah, practicing Amar bil makruf Nahi anil munkar; all those are essentials in Islam. But the fact is, there are a lot of Muslims / Muslimahs who pray seldom in their lives; many do not fast the Ramadhaan except for a few days; many are lazy to seek knowledge; many are reluc-tant to wear veils and jilbab; many do want to do Da’wah.

Fourth: Rajul[un] yadri wa yadri annahu yadri (Someone who knows and he knows that he knows). This is the best type of mankind. Belonging to this group are the Ulamaa who truly practice their knowledge and anyone whose behaviors and actions are in accordance with their understandings and speech. These are the genuine Muslims who are suitable to be exemplified. May we belong among them!


Br. Samir

This is a burning question that the Muslims in the West must understand clearly since a very pseudo understanding of “freedom” has dominated their thinking. The type of “freedom” that they were bombarded with is one in where materialism takes roots; it is the one in which one is able to follow his or her lusts as much as they want. It is this type of freedom that helps rot the society from within till it can no longer be consciously called, “A moral civilization.” Just pause and ask yourself: when was the last time a foreigner called America and the West, “moral civilizations”?

The problem with freedom in the West is that it has no limits; by no limits, we mean no enforcement of morality. There’s a famous saying that “too much of anything is not good for you.” This comes true when on the subject of freedom. To expand on this concept, let’s take a simple example of a mother and her child. In this special relationship, the mother lets the child do whatever he or she pleases provided that it is within the boundaries or set limits that the mother had given. Once the child crosses those boundaries, then the mother punishes the child. If her child were to get into a fight with a cousin, the mother would punish her child. This is part of the Fitrah (human nature) all throughout the world that Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) has enabled within the human beings.

But what if we were to change that up a little? What if we said that the mother had given no limits or boundaries to the child and let the child do almost whatever it pleased? That would be insane! The child would grow up to become corrupt and make the world a more corrupt place. This is what Americans and the Westerners call freedom. Islam calls it “Fasaad” (Corruption). They give the excuse that “every man and woman has the freedom to choose between good and evil.” It is like they are playing as God himself! Instead of making it easier for the people to live a righteous life -– like how Islam does for both the individual and state level -– they make the temptations of the world appear more favorable with their culture of pornography, homosexuality, alcohol, and murder, and then slap on the label, “It is your freedom! So choose!.” Naturally, the people follow their desires and make America and the West what they are known for today: a hypocritical, despotically immoral nation led by crooks and baby killers that have horrific intentions to make the world follow their path because of its diversity in evil and deception.

In Islam, however, freedom is to be able to practice your Religion as much as possible, which includes establishing the Shari’ah and waging Jihad for the cause of Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa). Freedom is to be able to stand up to the tyrants and tell them:

“Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah.” (Al-Mumtahinah:4)

Free from your wretched laws, methodologies, constitutions and values… free from your repugnant governments, courts, distinguishing characteristics and media… Farther, it is said

“We have rejected you, and there has become apparent between us and you, enmity and hatred forever, until you believe in Allah Alone.” (Al-Mumtahinah:4)

When one is able to live a life that doesn’t imitate the disbelievers, then he is free. When one is free of peer pressure to do evil whether it is from schoolmates, colleagues, or family, then he is free. If one is free of the mindset and worldview of the disbelievers, then he is free. If one receives insults and persecution for his beliefs, then he is free. When one is able to live a life of righteousness more easily than a life of decadence, then he is free. When one is able to forbid and eradicate evil without fearing the fingers of the people and their tongues, then he is free. When one is able to stand up and enforce the correct way of thinking and life without fearing men, then he is free. And the highest of all these is when he is able to stand in the face of the tyrants whilst not fearing their overwhelming power since his faith is in his Lord alone and he knows how powerful his Lord is, then he is free.

When morality is taken over by evil and called freedom, then this is only a disaster to the nation as it would then have to preach to its children, “righteousness is bad, and evil is good.” This is so because evil sells. And if America and the West stop selling, then there wouldn’t be called as America and the West.

What a curse upon a nation!

Freedom is only found in Islam; it is not trapped by a spider-web of evil marketing scams, nor is it dominated by the desires of a corrupt king. We are free men and a free nation. We roam our lands with our heads above the nations of evil whilst simultaneously our foreheads are on the soil worshiping the one and only Lord, freely.

We do not want the freedom of America and the West since it is slavery. It is slavery to ones whims and desires. It is true that we hate your freedoms, but not because we are jealous or that we desire the same. Rather, we hate it because of how greatly you have corrupted not only your own selves, but the many nations of the world. Therefore, we will continue to show hostility and hatred towards you forever until you believe in Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa) alone… and freely.

This is what we invite the Americans and the Westerners to.

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